Community groups in the south San Fernando Valley began deliberating the implications of Senate Bill 50 — pitched as a way to solve California’s housing crisis by overriding local zoning laws to allow denser development in transit- and job-rich neighborhoods — months before it was released in March by its author, state Sen. Scott Weiner.

But the push against the proposed legislation is heating up now that it has cleared its first hurdle in the Legislature and is facing a tougher vote Wednesday.

While most California housing experts argue that the solution to the state’s housing crisis is to build more housing, community groups from Woodland Hills to Studio City are railing against the bill and saying it will obliterate neighborhoods while doing little to address housing affordability. At the heart of this debate is the premise of single-family residence zoning, whether residents of a neighborhood should be able to control what the house a few blocks over looks like.

At the Sherman Oaks Homeowners association Wednesday night, Executive director of the Coalition to Preserve LA and former managing editor at LA Weekly Jill Stewart had strong language to share on the bill.

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