SAN JOSE — A group of tenants is suing their landlord, alleging she evicted them from their rent-controlled apartments under false pretenses, and in violation of a new city ordinance.

The residents of a fourplex in San Jose’s Santee neighborhood received notices to vacate their apartments last year, after their landlord, Kim Tran, said she needed to move her family into the building, according to a lawsuit recently filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court. But the plaintiffs’ lawyers claim Tran’s family never moved in, and instead Tran brought in a crop of new renters at a higher price.

Tran says intended to move her family into the apartments until her dad got ill with cancer, and that she paid the relocation expenses of the tenants.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs claim the move, which they say violates the eviction ordinance San Jose enacted in 2017, is another example of local landlords circumventing the region’s tenant protections.

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