Dizzying Disarray Leaves Tenant Unprotected

Dizzying Disarray Leaves Tenant Unprotected

2019-04-10T11:50:20-07:00April 10th, 2019|Advocacy|

My apartment door won’t close and lock. This leaves me concerned for my safety and the security of my belongings.

I have made many attempts to have my landlord fix this issue. No luck. Perplexing, as a landlord, isn’t there some responsibility to resolve this issue in some timely fashion? I was sure he would be concerned about my safety and security.

A month later, I am losing my faith in his commitment to my safety.

Now, as a Santa Monica resident, and my knowledge of their boasting “of a city concerned about tenants and protecting tenant rights”, I contacted Santa Monica Rent Control. Time to call in the professionals.

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