(April 1, 2019, 6:10 a.m.) — A City Council split is emerging over what city staff calls a recommended “Tenant Relocation Ordinance” coming to the City Council on April 2┬áthat some LB landlord groups oppose as rent control by another name and some tenant advocacy groups that support rent control call a good “first step” that doesn’t go far enough,

While leaving themselves room to negotiate, contrasting views on the issue are evident in recent statements by 3rd dist. Councilwoman Suzie Price and 9th dist. Councilman Rex Richardson.

  • In a March 31 mass emailing, Councilwoman Price writes in part:

    [Price]…Everyone knows housing prices and rents have been rising throughout the state so it is important for the City to look at how we can help Long Beach residents stay housed. However, I have real problems with any policy that amounts to rent control, and disincentivizes property owners from reinvesting in their properties. Long Beach and California voters recently made their feelings known on rent control, strongly voting it down. Additionally, I think it is important for property owners to be able to control who their tenants are. No one wants to remove a good tenant, but if someone causes concerns then a property owner should have the right to remove someone causing problems affecting their other tenants.

    Obviously housing, rental costs, and property rights are all big complex topics, so I look forward to the discussion with my colleagues Tuesday night…

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