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The Legislator Is a Landlord: A Quarter of California Lawmakers Also Collect Rent

Along with voting on bills that include rent control caps and new protections for renters, one of the preferred side hustles for California legislators is collecting rent from tenants. At least 30 lawmakers — or 25 percent of the 120-member Legislature — own properties that generate income from renters, according to a CALmatters report. [...]

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State Rent Control Bill Dies in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO — An effort to expand rent control in California won’t move forward this year after the lawmaker behind it cancelled a planned public hearing Thursday, saying his plan needs more work. Assemblyman Richard Bloom, a Santa Monica Democrat, has tried unsuccessfully several times to expand rent control, which is severely limited by a 1995 [...]

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California Lawmakers Advance Plan for Denser Housing

A proposal progressed Wednesday make houses easier to turn into fourplexes because the country grapples with a lack of affordable housing and to spur housing close to jobs and transportation. The step, a compromise between both senators, puts requirements for small and massive counties. Sens. Scott Wiener of both San Francisco along with Mike McGuire, [...]

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Editorial: The alarming magnitude of the Bay Area housing crisis

We knew it was bad. Now we know how bad — how unaffordable housing has become for Bay Area residents. In an eye-opening article published Sunday, reporters Katy Murphy and Kaitlyn Bartley document how rapidly rising rental and home-purchase costs have priced out a staggering portion of the Bay Area’s population. Consider a family earning the equivalent [...]

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Opinion: Rent Control Is a Nice Idea. but Its Impact Likely Is Opposite What Was Intended.

he cost of housing – not just in Denver, but statewide – continues to be one of the most pressing issues facing Colorado. On balance it is a case of both a scarcity of affordable housing for low‐income residents as well as ballooning housing costs for the middle class. The two problems are very much [...]

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Rent Law Offers Reprieve to Some of Los Angeles’ Most Vulnerable Families

Sandy Sampson tried to keep her battle with her landlord a secret from her two children. She and her husband spoke of the impending eviction only in Spanish. But soon her eldest daughter, Victoria, sensed what was happening and began to struggle in school. Sampson said that Victoria, who is 11, worried that she would be [...]

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Rent Control Gets a Second Look in Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE — A growing debate over rent control in Massachusetts has people in Cambridge harkening back to an era when apartment-living in this city was quite different: the 1990s. Specifically, they’re revisiting 1994, the year Massachusetts voters narrowly outlawed restrictions on what landlords could charge tenants. Today, amid a housing crunch that grips much of [...]

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California Has a Housing Crisis. The Answer is More Housing.

California finally is beginning to consider solutions to its housing crisis that are on the same scale as the problem. The state is desperately in need of more housing. Home prices are the highest in the continental United States, and population growth continues to outstrip construction. A 2016 study by the McKinsey Global Institute estimated California needs [...]

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Proposal to Cap Rent Hikes Statewide Moves Forward

With almost unanimous support from the housing committee, a proposal to place a limit on rent hikes statewide is advancing in the California Assembly. State-mandated caps on annual rent increases would be tied to the consumer price index (CPI), a common measure of inflation, plus 5 percent, under AB 1482, which passed the assembly committee [...]

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Rent Control Fracas Caps Housing Week — Harris Greets Biden — Rendon on Newsom’s Single Payer Push — Measles Spike Yields Quarantine

THE BUZZ: We’re getting an object lesson this week on why few issues are as contentious as housing policy. Hours after legislators on Wednesday announced a deal and advanced a bill to increase multi-story complexes near transit — the legislative embodiment of the ascendant build-our-way-out-of-the-crisis approach embraced by a new generation of Democrats, including Gov. Gavin Newsom — rent control [...]

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