SPRINGFIELD — A bill that would give local governments authority to enact rent control laws stalled in a House subcommittee Wednesday, possibly killing the proposal for the 2019 session.

That action came at the end of a lengthy hearing in which affordable housing advocates argued that skyrocketing rents, particularly in the Chicago area, are driving many people on limited incomes out of their homes, sometimes onto the streets or into homeless shelters.

Chicago resident David Zoltan spoke about one of his neighbors named Ellen, who was recently evicted from an apartment where she had lived for 16 years because she could not afford her rent increase. He described Ellen as an arm and leg amputee whose only income is from Social Security, and after her eviction she was rendered homeless.

“Ellen’s story is not unique. We have a city full of Ellens,” Zoltan said. “The best way to prevent more cases like Ellen’s is to lift the ban on rent control. Let communities have a say.”