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Editorial: Rent Control Still Can’t Solve California’s Housing Crisis

Proponents of rent control, which is threatening to make a comeback in the California Legislature, often portray the opposition as consisting entirely of landlords and developers. The implication is that the unbridled greed of real estate interests is all that stands in their way. What they omit is the consensus against the policy that persists among experts [...]

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Oakland Isn’t Even Close to Meeting Its Lofty Low-Income Housing Goal

Oakland is on track to surpass its ambitious goal of building 17,000 new homes by 2024, but is falling far short in building affordable housing, city officials said Tuesday, fueling questions about whether the city’s massive building boom will help house its most vulnerable residents. In the three years since Mayor Libby Schaaf set her housing [...]

2019-03-15T14:22:27-07:00March 15th, 2019|Advocacy|

Frick: ‘Rent Stabilization’ Sounds Nice, but It Won’t Do What Its Proponents Want

When we talk about the housing crisis in Oregon, we talk about a complex issue that is, at its core, easy to understand. Oregon has a housing shortage, and so available housing costs more. The supply of housing in Oregon has not kept up with the increase in demand for housing. Scarcity drives pricing; this [...]

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German Rent Control Works for Both Landlords and Tenants

As the global property industry meets in Cannes, France for its premier annual conference, rent control is a big topic of discussion. Sadiq Khan, the London mayor, recently drew sharp criticism for proposing new controls as a way of making life in the British capital more attractive and more affordable. And in the US, Oregon [...]

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The Candidates Agree on Most Issues. Rent Control Isn’t One of Them.

Toni Preckwinkle has come out strongly in favor of repealing Illinois’s Rent Control Pre-Emption Act of 1997. The law provides that “[a] unit of local government … shall not enact, maintain, or enforce an ordinance or resolution that would have the effect of controlling the amount of rent charged for leasing private residential or commercial [...]

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La Rent Control Increases Will Climb to 4 Percent in 2019

Angelenos living in rent-controlled apartments may see monthly rent payments climb slightly higher than expected in the coming months. In the city of Los Angeles, price hikes for most apartments built before 1978 are regulated by the Rent Stabilization Ordinance, and for the last decade have been capped at 3 percent annually. But in the 12-month [...]

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Why Rent Control Is Wrong for Chicago

Despite ongoing efforts to address the nation’s workforce housing crisis, it remains a critical issue in 2019, leading to a renewed push for rent control. Last month, Oregon enacted our country’s first statewide cap on rental increases. However well-intended, these policies have been proven to fall short of expectations and in most cases do more [...]

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Veronique De Rugy: Statewide Rent-Control Laws Cannot Escape the Law of Supply and Demand

Last week, Oregon became the first state in the nation to adopt a mandatory statewide rent control policy. Yet rent control never delivers on the promise that it will multiply the affordable housing in high-value markets to serve middle- and lower-class families. It also always has negative consequences, and this time will be no different. The [...]

2019-03-11T13:21:48-07:00March 11th, 2019|Advocacy|

Oregon Just Enacted Statewide Rent Control—and It Could Be a Model for the Country

Last week, Oregon became the first state in the U.S. to implement universal rent control. Senate Bill 608, signed in to law by Governor Kate Brown, will restrict annual rent increases to 7 percent and ban what is known as “no-cause” evictions, in an attempt to provide immediate, widespread relief to the state’s rent-burdened households. [...]

2019-03-11T11:40:38-07:00March 11th, 2019|Advocacy|

Bad Rent Control

With Oregon passing statewide rent control, the “door has been opened” to tweak the law locally to better protect tenants from money-addicted landlords. The current “one size fits all” legislation fails to protect the most vulnerable. The newly legalized cap of a 7-percent annual increase will financially devastate those in the lower socio-economic groups [...]

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