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‘Rent Control on Trial’: Court to Look at El Monte Law’s Motives

Did El Monte officials have a good reason to impose rent control on smaller mobile home parks? That’s the question at the center of a lawsuit that was jolted back to life by a state appeals court last week. At issue is a 2015 law approved by the City Council that restricts annual rent increases at all [...]

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Poll Underscores California’s Housing Crisis

Two months ago, when the Public Policy Institute of California asked the state’s residents to name the top issues that newly inaugurated Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Legislature should address, immigration was No. 1. Jobs and environmental issues followed, with “homelessness” a distant fourth, cited by just 6 percent of those surveyed. PPIC released its latest [...]

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My Take on Rent Control

Free enterprise or controlled enterprise? Rent control has always seemed to me to be bad for America’s free enterprise system. When you remove the word “free,” then the word “control” can be almost automatic. I recently learned that the state of Oregon has passed a new statewide rent control system. Its House of Representatives, controlled by [...]

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Municipal Rent Control Bill Stalls in State House Committee, but Could Return Soon

SPRINGFIELD — A bill that would give local governments authority to enact rent control laws stalled in a House subcommittee Wednesday, possibly killing the proposal for the 2019 session. That action came at the end of a lengthy hearing in which affordable housing advocates argued that skyrocketing rents, particularly in the Chicago area, are driving [...]

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Why Doesn’t Philadelphia Have Rent Control like Many Other Big Cities?

Lifelong Philadelphian Mary Hutchins hasn’t spent much time outside the city. Her longest departure was when she visited her daughter last year in Houston, Texas. Just shy of a half-year, her trip was long enough to get some perspective on Philly’s rapidly rising housing costs. When she returned and began to look for a new [...]

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Gov. Newsom Says Work Continues On Possible Rent Compromise

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom said Tuesday he’s continuing to work with state lawmakers on what he hopes will be a deal to stabilize California’s rising rents. “We’ve been working behind the scenes with a number of the key parties and participants to see if there is a — forgive the vernacular — a deal on [...]

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Solving California’s Housing Crisis Demands Action. These Steps Will Help

The housing crisis gripping the Golden State threatens to permanently stymie economic growth and demands bold and innovative solutions. During his State of the State speech earlier this year, Gov. Gavin Newsom boldly proclaimed: “If we want a California for all, we have to build housing for all.” The California Association of Realtors and its [...]

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Rent control is the wrong ‘solution’

Renting an apartment can be prohibitively expensive. According to Rent Cafe, the average rent is $1,420. But in some areas, the cost of a modest apartment can be three or four times that number. Earlier this month, Oregon tackled the problem by passing Senate Bill 608, instituting a statewide limit on how much landlords can [...]

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Rent Control—Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease?

After a long period of neglect, a new generation of policymakers and activists has embraced rent control as a solution to the housing affordability crisis plaguing America’s booming coastal cities. The national median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,209 a month, but for some metro areas it is considerably higher. Urban residents suffering from [...]

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Will Rent Control Stall Inglewood Investment?

Inglewood has become a new favored multifamily investment market in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Park project, which includes a Rams football stadium, has attracted investors for the last two years, but a new rent stabilization measure in Inglewood could dampen multifamily investment activity along with new multifamily development. The rent stabilization measure is only temporary [...]

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