Rents are rising so erratically in Glendale, California, that in the last few years, Peter Zovak, the assistant director of community development for the city, has talked to tenants who’ve been hit with three and four rent increases in the course of just six months, and others whose rent was raised as much as $800-a-month in one shot. Nearly two-thirds of households are renters in Glendale, one of the largest cities in Los Angeles County. There are 49,000 rental households in all, Zovak says, so the statewide housing crisis has hit tenants particularly hard there. Tenants have been pushing officials for some kind of relief.

“We’ve had two resident-driven ballot initiatives that were taken out, and both failed to garner enough signatures to place rent control on the ballot,” Zovak says. “But it did demonstrate that there is a concern and a possible need for coming up with some type of measure to help protect tenants.”

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