“Is this your whip?”

Andrew Pulkrabek was on the dancefloor of his neighbor Bri Crabtree’s loft at the Vulcan, a sprawling live-work community of some 200 residents in East Oakland, inspecting a hot-pink whip. Mirrors lined a wall near the storage nook known as “clown corner,” all beneath the vaulted ceilings that accommodate Crabtree’s weekly juggling club. Confidently, Pulkrabek cracked the whip. “Not my first rodeo,” he said.

Pulkrabek is a musician and a stuntman, a juggler and a roller-skater—an “entertainer,” he said—whose residence in the Vulcan, a onetime foundry in the Fruitvale district, provides necessary space for his multi-hyphenate circus arts practice. At his kitchen table, overlooking another mirror-lined dancefloor, Pulkrabek stressed the significance of the Vulcan to Burning Man-associated artists internationally.

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