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Santa Monica Celebrates Section 8 Protections

David Van Court has lived in his apartment off Pico Boulevard for almost 19 years. He has furnished it with armchairs and rugs inherited from his parents, trailing houseplants and teddy bears. Last year, he almost lost his home when his landlord refused to accept his Section 8 voucher. Van Court has a severe disability [...]

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A Loan Program Was Set up to Boost Energy Efficiency. Instead, It’s Being Used to Build ‘Granny Flats’

As stories piled up of homeowners being smooth-talked into taking home improvement loans they couldn’t afford, defenders of the PACE program cited its safety features. The loans could be used only for environmentally friendly and safety projects, they noted. And money couldn’t be issued until projects were finished. But some contractors apparently dance around both [...]

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Gavin Newsom’s Housing Lawsuit Put 47 California Cities on Notice. Is Yours on the List?

Encinitas is just the kind of place Gavin Newsom might want to sue. A local voter-approved initiative from 2013 makes planning for affordable homes nearly impossible, preventing the wealthy city of 60,000 from complying with a state law that requires local governments to build more housing. The city has already spent $3.5 million in the [...]

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Deciding to Buy a Home Instead of Rent Isn’t Always a Question of Simple Math

It's an age-old debate: Should you rent or buy? According to early retiree Tanja Hester, "Often it comes down to the question of which you value more: certainty of how much your housing will cost or flexibility to keep your assets liquid and to move whenever you want," she wrote in her book, "Work Optional: Retire [...]

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State Lawmakers Weigh Strategies for Making Housing More Affordable

It’s getting more expensive to live in Nevada. The average home value in Las Vegas is around $89,000 higher than it was 10 years ago, and Reno’s average value has increased by $129,000 in the same period, according to Zillow. Rent can be even worse. According to Rent Jungle, the average rent in Reno in [...]

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Why SF Restaurants Are Suffocating

One Saturday in December of last year, six months before we closed our beloved restaurant, Tawla, we said goodbye to our lead line cook — one of the last three people left from our original 25-person team when we opened in the Mission two years prior. I had watched him grow and take on more [...]

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First Step in New York State Towards Universal Rent Control

State Senator Julia Salazar introduced a bill that would cap annual rent increase by no more than 150% of the consumer price index. We speak to Sen. Salazar about the proposal Story Transcript SHARMINI PERIES: It’s The Real News Network. I’m Sharmini Peries, coming to you from Baltimore. Our next guest, in an interview [...]

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Spurred by Possible Sale, Tenants of Vulcan Arts Lofts Rally for Rent Control

“Is this your whip?” Andrew Pulkrabek was on the dancefloor of his neighbor Bri Crabtree’s loft at the Vulcan, a sprawling live-work community of some 200 residents in East Oakland, inspecting a hot-pink whip. Mirrors lined a wall near the storage nook known as “clown corner,” all beneath the vaulted ceilings that accommodate Crabtree’s weekly [...]

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Police: Apartment Maintenance Man Stole from Residents, Sold Some Items

MIDDLETOWN — Middletown police have arrested a maintenance man at an apartment complex for several alleged burglaries and thefts. Police said they have been investigating multiple thefts and burglaries reported at the Nicholas Place Apartments, 2747 S. Towne Blvd. Since October, there have been eight burglaries at the complex with no sign of forced entry, according to [...]

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Controversy over Paint Side Effects Forces Family out of Norfolk Apartment

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) -- Paint problems are causing headaches for a Norfolk family -- literally. The mother asked the apartment complex for a fresh coat of paint, but now it's giving her daughter headaches. On top of that, after they complained, management gave the family the boot, telling them to get out within 48 hours. [...]

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