The fight to protect rent-controlled units in New York City is ongoing. Standing up to landlords who want to sell units at market price can be challenging.

However, the free web-app is helping tenants build legal cases to fight evictions and pressure landlords to make necessary repairs in rent-regulated units.

Sometimes, landlords need to be reminded of their legal obligations. JustFix works to send attorney-vetted memos reminding landlords that if they don’t keep their end of the bargain, legal repercussions will follow, according to

Landlords who receive the certified mail from JustFix tend to follow through with repairs, according to However, if the letter doesn’t correct the wrongdoings of a landlord, there’s no need to fear. The app will soon offer a service that will assist in the process of suing apartment owners.

Co-founders Daniel Kass and Georges Clement launched the app back in 2016. Since then, the nonprofit has helped around 2,500 tenants.

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