People at an east side apartment complex say they’ve been without hot water for more than a month.

They weren’t getting any answers from their apartment complex so they called KFOX14 Investigates.

“Really cold, it’s uncomfortable,” said Dionne a resident of the Monterrey Garden Apartments in east El Paso off of Miracle Way and Sims.

As the temperatures dip, turning on the faucet to cold water is not what Dionne wants for herself and her two daughters.

“I just want for my daughters to feel comfortable, to feel safe,” she said.

She moved into the apartment complex a few months ago.

“Some of us are starting over with kids. We have nothing. Some of us are barely making it. We just want to be somewhere where we are comfortable.”

But right now she’s feeling like she’s failing to provide for her family.

“I do get overwhelmed and frustrated and I just sit here and I cry because what can we do? We can’t do anything,” she said.

The apartment complex sent out this notice in October, which says they are experiencing issues with the water heater. It also says the hot water is expected to be back on the next day.

But Dionne said that hasn’t happened yet. The complex did give her $150 off on her rent. She said since then, there hasn’t been much communication. She says her neighbors are also asking management questions about when the hot water will be back.

“I just don’t feel like we are getting the answers we deserve,” she said.

KFOX14 Investigates called the apartment complex several times over the last two weeks — without a response.

The apartment manager told us she wasn’t able to provide a comment and sent us to the general manager — who has yet to return our calls The property is managed by Monterrey Asset management.

So we reached out to the City of El Paso to find out what tenants could do.

City inspectors tell KFOX14 Investigates this is a code violation. The apartment complex is obligated to provide hot water under the property maintenance code

The city received several complaints and has issued notices to management to fix the problem.

“We’re not trying to cause any trouble, we just want hot water,” said Dionne.

KFOX14 Investigates also spoke with an attorney from Rio Grande Legal Aid. If you’re experiencing maintenance or repair issues with an apartment complex, you can call the city’s 311 service — to report the problem to city inspectors. Inspectors can issue notices to the complex to fix the problem and impose fines if it doesn’t.

You can also send a certified letter asking for a repair. Your landlord has seven days to fix the problem.

If they don’t, you can go to the justice of the peace and file for an emergency order for repairs. The judge could order your landlord to jail for three days if the repairs aren’t made.

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