A Suffolk County tenant says she is getting help with her complaints about her apartment thanks to News 12 Long Island.

For almost four years, Alexa Avellino has lived at the Fairfield Village at Coram apartment complex without issue. Then a few months ago, she says there were some electrical outlet problems that forced her to use multiple extension cords. She complained to Fairfield management but never heard back.

Then she says the gas stove broke, causing a leak to which the fire department had to respond. On top of that, she says the hardwired carbon monoxide detector broke and that mold started to form on the bathroom ceiling, even after multiple cleanings.

“I started getting sick when I would go in the shower, my skin was getting itchy everywhere,” Avellino says.

She looked in the crawl space and claims the vent seemed to be installed improperly and clogged by moldy insulation. Frustrated, Avellino hired a lawyer who sent letters to Fairfield management, and still heard nothing. Then she called News 12.

News 12 tried to contact Fairfield several times to get some sort of answer. On Thursday, the property manager said they would not be making any comment and promptly hung up the phone.

But a manager eventually examined the apartment. On Thursday morning, a repairman fixed the stove and carbon monoxide detector.

Avellino is still waiting to get the moldy vent fixed.

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