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Commercial Rent Control: Back Again?

For generations, New York’s Rent Control and Rent Stabilization Laws, which limit the amount of rent residential tenants may be charged and provide other protections, have been fixtures of New York real estate. For a time (1945-1963), New York City (the City) had a rent control statute applicable to commercial tenants, but that law expired, [...]

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Rent Control Is Making a Comeback, but Is That a Good Idea?

After decades of being dismissed by economists as a has-been, rent control is making a comeback. It’s a high-stakes resurgence, fueled by a rapidly worsening housing crisis — but it faces strong opposition from the real estate industry. In the past year, an energized renters’ rights movement has won approval of rent control measures in [...]

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Government Addresses Housing Affordability and Lift Credit

This week was an active one of Legislative business as our Government continues to focus on the needs of Ontario. On the Legislative front, we engaged in: Moving Bill 32, Access to Natural Gas Act, on to Third Reading debate; Bill 57, Restoring Trust, Transparency and Accountability Act, engaged in Second Reading debate; and Bill 47, Making [...]

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City to Hold Lone Legislative Agenda Town Hall Tuesday

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and City Commissioner Amanda Fritz will host a town hall Tuesday evening on the city’s 2019 Legislative Agenda. Attendees will have the chance to give their input on issues facing their communities, and what the city should prioritize when advocating at the Oregon State Legislature. The 2019 Oregon Legislative Session starts [...]

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East L.A.’s Upcoming Caps on Rent Hikes; ‘It’ Screenwriter Profits on Eagle Rock Home; 40-Unit Temple Street Apartment Proposed

Caps on rent hikes in East L.A. begin in December — but it t doesn’t apply to every residential unit. Meanwhile, the screenwriter for the remake of “It” just sold his Eagle Rock home for nearly twice what he paid three years ago. And the Bob Baker Marionette Theater just held its last performance before [...]

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7 Common Landlord Responsibilities All Tenants Should Know

Landlords may wield a lot of power over their tenants, but with that power comes a whole lot of responsibility, too. Landlord and tenant laws vary by city and state, so we can’t provide you with a complete guide to your landlord’s responsibilities. However, there are some requirements that you can expect to find in a standard lease [...]

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Rising Interest Rates Could Increase Rental Demand in San Diego, Report Says

"Higher mortgage interest rates will push more people into the San Diego County rental market and likely increase rents, said a new report from Marcus & Millichap. The national commercial real estate brokerage firm’s fourth quarter analysis said the gap between between a monthly mortgage payment and average rent has grown, making renting a better [...]

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The Suburbs Are Changing, but Not in All the Ways Liberals Hope.

"Orange County, Calif., long a bedrock of the Republican Party, won’t send a single Republican to Congress in January for the first time since 1940. The party lost four seats there in the midterms, mirroring Republican losses just outside Minneapolis, Detroit, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, New York and Washington, D.C. The election was a suburban rout, [...]

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The State of Inequality: Chipping Away at Housing Problems

New York City residents are convinced the city confronts an intractable housing crisis. The deterioration of New York City Housing Authority properties imperils its estimated 600,000 residents. The homeless shelter population is now at 61,000, and a January count found 3,675 unsheltered. About half the tenant population is severely rent-burdened, paying 50% of their income [...]

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More Cuts: Ford Scraps Rent Control Leaving Tenants Vulnerable

"The Ontario PC’s fall economic plan was released on November 15th and it has been received with much animosity. By removing rent control for newly built or converted units, Premier Ford has broken his campaign promise to leave the regulated system alone. Back on the campaign trail, on May 15thto be exact, the Ontario PC party [...]

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