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Commercial Rent Control: Back Again?

For generations, New York’s Rent Control and Rent Stabilization Laws, which limit the amount of rent residential tenants may be charged and provide other protections, have been fixtures of New York real estate. For a time (1945-1963), New York City (the City) had a rent control statute applicable to commercial tenants, but that law expired, [...]

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Rent Control Is Making a Comeback, but Is That a Good Idea?

After decades of being dismissed by economists as a has-been, rent control is making a comeback. It’s a high-stakes resurgence, fueled by a rapidly worsening housing crisis — but it faces strong opposition from the real estate industry. In the past year, an energized renters’ rights movement has won approval of rent control measures in [...]

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Government Addresses Housing Affordability and Lift Credit

This week was an active one of Legislative business as our Government continues to focus on the needs of Ontario. On the Legislative front, we engaged in: Moving Bill 32, Access to Natural Gas Act, on to Third Reading debate; Bill 57, Restoring Trust, Transparency and Accountability Act, engaged in Second Reading debate; and Bill 47, Making [...]

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