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Prop 10 Has Already Won

Building Momentum for Future Tenant Victories Last week’s poll by the Public Policy Institute of California that had California’s Prop 10 trailing badly (60% say they will vote no) led some to conclude that a big defeat would set back the state’s tenants movement. But Prop 10 has already proved a huge step forward for tenants. In [...]

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Beverly Hills City Council Adopts Urgency Ordinance

"The final details of an urgency ordinance to eliminate no-cause evictions are being prepared for the Beverly Hills City Council’s Nov. 6 meeting. The council unanimously voted to implement the urgency ordinance during a special meeting on Oct. 18. According to a news release from the city, Chapter 5 of the current Rent Stabilization Ordinance [...]

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California Tenants Take Rent Control Fight to the Ballot Box

"From pulpits across Los Angeles, Pastor Kelvin Sauls has spent the past few months delivering sermons on the spiritual benefits of fasting. The food in the sermon is rent, and landlords need less of it. “My role is to bring a moral perspective to what we are dealing with around the housing crisis,” Pastor Sauls [...]

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Prop 10 Falling in Polls, Even Among Democrats, with Newsom Support Holding

"The prospect of a future with more rent control laws is looking less and less likely. A recent poll by the non-partisan Public Policy Institute of California shows that 60 percent of likely voters — and majorities in all major political parties — plan to vote no on Proposition 10 on November 6. The ballot [...]

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High Stakes and High Emotions over Commercial Rent Control

"After this week’s hearing before the city council and an ensuing tsunami of commentary, one thing is clear about the third attempt to revive the Small Business Jobs Survival Act (SBJSA), sometimes called commercial rent control: the bill as written is in need of work if it is going to achieve its intended goal of protecting the city’s dwindling supply [...]

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Rent Control Initiative a Key Issue

"Southern California is home to some of the most desirable real estate in the country, but not everyone in the land of beaches, mountains and sunshine can afford their piece of the pie. Rents, for one, are among the highest in the nation. The USC Lusk Center for Real Estate issued a report last year [...]

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Sacramento Inches Closer to Rent Control. but Which Competing Proposal Will Win?

"Sacramento’s rent-control wars hit a boil this week. And became incredibly convoluted as well. A petition drive to stifle rent hikes by landlords got a boost at City Hall, albeit from a not entirely supportive City Council. The same day, a competing proposal, kinder to landlords, written by three council members, saw its first formal [...]

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Careless Smoking Caused Ephrata Apartment Complex Fire: Officials

"Officials say a carelessly discarded cigarette sparked a fire that displaced 14 people from an apartment complex in Ephrata. A Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshal assisted in determining the preliminary cause and origin of the fire, according to a news release from police in Ephrata. That investigation also included interviews of residents, 911 callers, and residents. Officials [...]

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Letter to the Editor: Prop 10, If Passed, Will Only Worsen Housing Crisis

"Los Angeles has been hit hard by California’s housing crisis. A critical shortage in affordable housing is putting real economic pressure on families throughout the region, creating economic stress and making it harder to find safe, affordable places to live. In the upcoming midterm elections, Proposition 10 threatens to make a dire situation even worse. [...]

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Rent Control, Prop. 10, and the Law of Unintended Consequences

"Rent control is a classic example of the law of unintended consequences.  When Californians scan their ballots for the November 6 election and consider Proposition 10, which would allow local governments to impose and expand rent control laws, they should consider the long-term harms the measure would inflict on housing quantity, quality, and affordability. Rent control [...]

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