“In a 7-4 vote Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors rejected a resolution introduced by Supervisor Aaron Peskin that would put The City on record of supporting the statewide Proposition 10, which would repeal the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act. Due to procedural rules, the resolution required eight vote to pass.

Board president Malia Cohen along with Supervisors Catherine Stefani, Katy Tang and Ahsha Safai opposed it.

Costa-Hawkins puts limits on rent control, such as only allowing rent control on buildings built prior to June 1979 in San Francisco or not allowing rent control when there is a vacancy between tenants.

Tenant advocates support the measure, but property-owner advocates like the Small Property Owners of San Francisco Institute do not.

If the state measure is approved, The City could expand rent control through legislation approved by the Board of Supervisors or at the ballot.

Cohen said she represents a district with a majority of homeowners and the highest home ownership by black residents. “I am not clear as to how a supportive vote for Proposition 10 positively affects my constituents,” Cohen said.”

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