“Prop. 10 is the ballot measure for rent control—government control over property.  Worse, it says the State will pay for the defense of the measure if challenged in court.  Actually that is the responsibility of government to defend ballot measures passed by the public.

Yet, Prop. 187—in re: illegal aliens and Prop. 8, defense of marriage, the Attorney General for each of those measures REFUSED to defend the vote of the people.  Corruption?  Absolutely.  It is not the role of the Attorney General to pick and choose which voter passed measures to defend and which to blow off.

“This is an interesting and untold story of the hidden costs of Prop 10 for California taxpayers, which also include the costs of an entirely new layer of bureaucracy in city governments enacting rent control (at taxpayer expense), falling property tax income (as rental properties become less valuable), and more. But perhaps nothing is as egregious as Prop 10 backer Michael Weinstein making himself an unelected government official.

Why do people have little trust or respect for government—this is a great example.”

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