“We could not get San Diego City Council President Myrtle Cole to come in for a podcast interview as we have for almost all the other candidates we invited on the show. We also couldn’t even get a call back from Cole on whether she’d come to Politifest to debate her opponent, Monica Montgomery.

So we were quite interested in reading her long Q&A with the Union-Tribune editorial board. Fortunately for us, they referenced some of our work and had many of the same questions we would have had.

If you’re deep into politics, it’s worth a read.

What’s remarkable is how little Cole says. It was hard for us to find a single issue that she took a coherent stand on.

Take rent control, for example. Californians will be deciding on Proposition 10, which will make it possible for cities like San Diego to impose new rent control (or rent “stabilization”) policies. If the Democrats win more City Council seats and someday the mayor’s office, they could pursue a local rent control measure.

After Cole seems to express some negative perspective on rent-control policies, the U-T editors tried to clarify. And her aide jumped in to help.”

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