Los Angeles County
to Vote on Rent Freeze on 9/11
By: Janet Gagnon

The disease of rent control is spreading throughout Los Angeles County and we need your help to stop it! The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will vote on a rent freeze for Los Angeles County’s unincorporated areas on 9/11 (agenda items S-1 & 2-D). The motion is being made by Supervisors Sheila Kuehl and Hilda Solis. The supposed “interim ordinance” would cap rent increases at 3% for 6 months to give the Board of Supervisors time to establish a permanent rent control ordinance. The Supervisors ultimate goal is to expand rent control throughout Los Angeles County and this is just their first step, so this issue is critical to all owners throughout Los Angeles County.

The interim ordinance is bad governance as it is completely unnecessary and based on a false assumption that “rents continue to spiral upwards”. We know that the percentage for rent increases has been going down since the beginning of 2018. The Board is falsely claiming that an interim ordinance is needed when none is necessary. If they want a permanent ordinance, then they should spend their time working on it and not shortcut the system by trying to force adoption of this supposed “interim ordinance” when no emergency currently exists.

Further, this motion is being heard on Rosh Hashana, an important religious holiday for the Jewish community. To bring this motion up on such a day is extremely culturally insensitive and specifically prevents many of our members from exercising their right to appear at the hearing and speak on the proposed rent freeze, which is an issue that is critically important to their livelihoods. If the Supervisors believe in full and fair input from both the owners and tenants, then they should push back this issue to another day. If they refuse to do so, then this is clearly a calculated act by the Supervisors to discriminate against owners by wrongfully using a religious holiday to do so.

AAGLA urges all Los Angeles County members to immediately call and email ALL of the Board of Supervisors and register their outrage on the Supervisor’s extremely culturally insensitive conduct and demand that the issue of the rent freeze be re-schedule for a different day. We also urge members to voice their strong opposition to the interim ordinance as it is completely unnecessary, unfair and bad governance. Please copy janet@aagla.org on all emails. If the Supervisors insist on moving forward on September 11, we urge all AAGLA members to attend in person to voice their opposition and meet us there at 9:00 am on Temple Street in front of the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration (the meeting is in room 381B). The address is 500 W. Temple Street. Paid parking is available across the street at the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels, 555 W. Temple Street.

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