“Even when Friends first debuted in 1994, fans had a big question. How did the show’s main characters end up with such an amazing apartment in a desirable neighborhood in Manhattan? Especially because they never seemed to have lucrative jobs? The story was that it was Monica’s apartment, located in Manhattan’s West Village. Monica inherited a rent-controlled lease from her grandmother. And she supposedly paid just $200 a month for the expansive, two-bedroom apartment.

Too good to be true? We think so. Here’s what that iconic apartment would be worth today, whether you wanted to rent or buy it.

TripleMint reports that the iconic Friends apartment was located at 90 Bedford Street in Greenwich Village. The show was actually filmed on a Warner Brothers set in Burbank. But the exterior shots of the apartment featured a real building located at 90 Bedford St. The apartment measures an estimated 1,125 square feet. And it was probably located on the third floor in the pre-war walkup.

The apartment had two bedrooms, one bathroom, and an expansive living area. CNBC notes that the apartment was “quite spacious for a two-bedroom.” Estimates put it somewhere between 1,125 and 1,500 square feet. That alone makes it a coveted find. “The average two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, where space is at a premium, is just 975 square feet, according to real estate research company Yardi Matrix,” CNBC explains.