Two supervisors sought to protect single family homeowners from a rent control expansion during a hearing Monday on whether to support November’s Proposition 10, which would repeal California’s restrictions on how cities can regulate rents. Both Supervisor Ahsha Safai and Katy Tang had previously voted against a resolution by Supervisor Aaron Peskin that would put The City on record backing Proposition 10, the repeal of Costa-Hawkins. On Monday, however, they voted to support it, but only after amending it to exempt small property owners from any potential rent control expansion. The push by Tang and Safai for the exemption during Monday’s Land Use and Transportation Committee hearing came as tenant advocates rallied outside City Hall in support of Peskin’s resolution. If Prop. 10 passes, The City could expand rent control regulations.

“Mass displacement, homelessness, evictions, speculation — Costa-Hawkins is the enabler of all of these,” said Lorraine Petty, of Senior Disability Action. “Property owners are guaranteed the right to fair and reasonable profit. Renters deserve fair and reasonable housing. Without Costa-Hawkins we can strike a fair and reasonable balance.” Opponents of the amendment said that the board should wait to see what happens with Prop. 10 before determining who should be exempted. The full board will vote on the resolution next week. Meanwhile, Mayor London Breed is supporting Prop. 10, mayoral spokesman Jeff Cretan confirmed to the San Francisco Examiner for the first time Monday.

Peskin’s resolution failed at the full Board of Supervisors on Sept. 4 when four board members opposed it — Supervisors Ahsha Safai, Katy Tang, Catherine Stefani and board president Malia Cohen.

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