“She’s like a sister to me,” Brenda White said affectionately. “Some people enter your life for a season, but Norma is family.” Connected for over three decades, Norma Roberts and Brenda White have been members of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles for almost as long as they have been friends.

“When I was a new landlord, I needed to know the right way to conduct business,” Brenda said as she recalled her original premise for becoming an AAGLA member. “At the time, I was bringing all of my tenant-landlord questions to lawyers.” She continued, “I joined AAGLA primarily because of the forms, I needed proper documents…. Then I realized that I could utilize my AAGLA membership to get all of my questions answered!”

Having joined the multi-family rental industry with the intention of using her investment property as a means of additional income, Brenda White is adamant that she will do everything she can to stop the November ballot initiative, Proposition 10 (the so-called ‘Affordable Housing Act’). “I purchased my income property to help get my daughters through college,” Miss White says referring to her two adult children, both of whom are now property owners in Los Angeles. “My investment properties were also to be used for my retirement. This additional income was supposed to assist me, and now Prop. 10 will demolish me! It throws me right under the bus.”

Norma Roberts, equally as pleasant in disposition, joined AAGLA at the endorsement of her longtime friend, Brenda.  “In everything that I do, I want to protect myself. I don’t need a headache on my hands,” Miss Roberts stated with a laugh. Praising the AAGLA staff, she notes that her professionalism in business dealings is due to the AAGLA staff. “I’ll come in to the offices with a few questions regarding a tenant-landlord issue, and the staff are simply outstanding. I’ll go back to meet with my tenants and they’re shocked out of their minds at how thorough I am!”

Following the Apartment Association’s 11th Annual California State Legislator Breakfast, Norma was intentional about the conversations she had with her children concerning the multi-family rental housing industry. “My older daughter is a property owner and an owner of rental housing units, and my younger daughter is a property owner,” Norma said beaming with pride. “From the time they were small, I started savings accounts for them so that they could purchase property of their own. I’ve told both of my daughters, even the one who owns property but isn’t a landlord, that Prop. 10 is going to hurt them.” Clearly identifying the “scheme” behind the misleading name, ‘Affordable Housing Act,’ Roberts has been telling anyone who will listen that Proposition 10 is not the solution to the housing crisis in California. “This proposition is being marketed as a solution to the housing crisis. Even if it could make things temporarily better, it will hurt everyone in the long run,” Norma declared. “That is why I do not support the ‘Affordable Housing Act’ and it is why I’ve been telling everyone I know to join me in voting NO on Prop. 10!”