“If voters across California pass Proposition 10 in November, every homeowner in San Diego with a single-family home, condo or townhouse would be open to local rent control policies. Housing groups are championing the ballot measure, but by repealing the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, a 1995 state law that limits municipalities’ control over rents, Prop. 10 is poised to harm some of the same people it’s intended to help.

This new and unnecessary layer of bureaucracy will enable the government to dictate the dollar amount for which homeowners can rent their personal residences and how much they can increase their rent, and it will expand the terms on which a landlord can cancel a rental agreement. In essence, Prop. 10 will strip away a significant layer of private property rights from homeowners in the San Diego area.

At the same time, National City voters are also being asked in November whether they want to limit annual rent increases at 5 percent.

Experience with rent control in other parts of California shows that contractors don’t want to build there. Instead, they seek out other cities where profits are better, and the result is a further tightening of the housing and rental markets.

As a Realtor, I also know that managing the responsibilities of a home can be overwhelming to seniors, so many who need assisted living care opt to sell or rent their homes for the extra money. The average cost for assisted living in San Diego is approximately $3,500 per monthand the average rent in San Diego is $1,887 a month. Rental caps would prevent these senior homeowners from having enough rental income money to move into assisted living, and thus drastically decrease their quality of life.”

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