African American, Asian and Latino Community Voters the Focus of Multi-Million Dollar Education and Outreach Program

SACRAMENTO, CA – The No on Prop 10 – A Flawed Initiative That Will Make the Housing Crisis Worse committee announced today that it has begun a multi-million-dollar outreach effort aimed at educating Latino, African American and Asian voters about the so-called “Affordable Housing Act,” and the many reasons why voters in communities of color will be disproportionately impacted should the initiative pass. The committee also announced that Alice Huffman, Michael Bustamante, and Ron Wong will spearhead the ethnic community outreach effort.

“The flawed approach in Proposition 10 will hurt, not help, renters, homeowners, and communities of color, which is why we have begun to spend resources to educate Latino, Asian and African American voters about the negative impacts of the so-called Affordable Housing Act,” said Michael Bustamante, communications director for the committee. “Our outreach, which began weeks ago, has already garnered dozens of endorsements from well-known organizations and more than 100 individuals across California and we will continue with a very aggressive paid media program to augment the field program which has begun in earnest.”

With fewer than 100 days before election day, the No on Prop 10 – A Flawed Initiative That Will Make the Housing Crisis Worse committee is already working in communities across California to remind voters that Prop 10 will make it harder to buy a home, particularly for first time home buyers.

The campaign has already committed more than $2 million to this outreach effort, including a robust field campaign, digital outreach and Spanish-language television ads.

“The single most important way for African Americans to build wealth is through home ownership, yet proponents of this flawed initiative don’t mention it will make it harder to retain the wealth that they acquire through the ownership of single-family homes,” said Alice Huffman, President of the California State Conference of the NAACP. “Let’s be clear, housing costs are high because we haven’t been building enough housing to keep up with demand. Passage of this flawed initiative will only make the housing crisis worse.”

Numerous studies conclude Prop 10 will not increase the amount of funds for affordable housing, not make it easier to build housing in communities of color, nor produce any immediate relief to high housing costs. California’s non-partisan legislative analyst recently found that a substantial expansion of rent control could result in economic effects more dramatic than those suggested by research on rent control to date, including significant reductions in construction of new housing.

“I have spent my entire career working in the progressive community to advance good policy to improve the lives of Latinos, African Americans and all Californians,” said John Gamboa, President, California Community Builders, a social justice organization working to help families of color close the wealth gap through access to homeownership. “Prop 10 fails on all counts and will deny many in our communities access to the American dream of homeownership. The No on Prop 10 committee is an ethnically diverse committee working to ensure voters are educated about the flawed and disingenuous rhetoric by the yes campaign.”

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