“A landlord-funded campaign that would effectively end Mountain View’s two-year-old rent control program didn’t qualify for the November ballot, but supporters said yesterday (Aug. 22) they’re still fighting to get on the ballot in 2020.

The Measure V Too Costly campaign has until mid-October to collect 5,126 valid signatures after it failed to meet that number in time for the Nov. 6 ballot.

If the campaign can meet that number before the October deadline, it can use the signatures that paid signature gatherers and volunteers have collected since filing the initiative on March 30.

Joshua Howard, senior vice president of the California Apartment Association — a major funder of the campaign — declined to say how many signatures have been collected so far, but he said that more than the minimum number would be submitted by the deadline.

“We find voters are eager to sign the petition once they understand this measure protects all apartment renters against price gouging, discourages rental units from being converted to million-dollar condos, eliminates endless red tape and bureaucracy so needed improvements can be made to the city’s rental housing and ensures lower-income seniors, veterans and teachers have access to rent control,” Howard told the Post in an email.”

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