“We are high school teachers and will retire next year. Our accountant warned, “As California’s pension obligations are badly underfunded, consider an additional revenue source, such as becoming landlords and buying a small, single family home.’

“But friends warned us about owners trying to evict deadbeat tenants who hire law firms which sue the landlord. To get them out, owners have to pay thousands of dollars and allow months of rent-free occupancy. Is this just an urban legend or is it true, and if true, what kind of a lawyer represents a deadbeat tenant and then sues the landlord? Thanks, “Terry” and “Melissa,” Hanford readers.

It’s no urban legend.

It’s true and is much like those lawyers who use the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) to commit legal extortion, forcing businesses to pay them thousands of dollars for what is most often minor nothing violations.

In California cities with Rent Control laws, the same kind of morally challenged attorneys abuse the legal system, enriching themselves while encouraging what amounts to theft of not just money, but housing from mom and pop landlords.”

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