“Back in the winter of 2012, the City of Los Angeles Planning Department launced a program to comprehensively rewrite the City’s 1946 Zoning Code. In the first of a two-part TPR interview with Los Angeles City Planning Director Vince Bertoni, he provides an update to re:code LA, including the plan for implementing a “new modern, adaptable code into new community plans”. One of the City’s largest planning initiatives to date, Bertoni describes how the City’s Planning Department kept much of the Zoning Code’s overall structure while updating the zoning code to efficiently and clearly meet the needs of Los Angeles’s drastically changed built environment.  

Update our readers on the status of re:code LA, the city’s effort to comprehensively revise its 1946 zoning code.

Vince Bertoni: This is fundamentally a brand-new zoning ordinance for the City of Los Angeles, and we have to make some critical decisions about how to approach a huge effort like this in the second largest city in America.

We could have tried to change the zoning for the entire City all at once — like flipping a switch from the old zoning to the new zoning. But we felt that, because of LA’s size and complexity, that wasn’t the best way to do it. Instead, we decided to first come up with the outline of the code and all its components, and then apply the ordinance on a rolling basis as we update the City’s Community Plans.

In March, we released that outline. There are sections on building forms, uses, and how to administer the code — processes and procedures for compliance and for exceptions. This is because we knew that both the layout and the administration of the code had to be rolled out simultaneously throughout the City.”

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