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Urban Land Institute to Tackle the Impact of Rent Control on California’s Economy

"The Urban Land Institute Orange County / Inland Empire District (ULI OC/IE) Council will host a panel discussion, on September 7th regarding the impact of Proposition 10, the repeal the Costa Hawkins Act, appearing on the ballot this November. The Costa Hawkins Act (CHA) was enacted in 1995 to limit the ability of municipalities to impose most [...]

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AHF’S Weinstein Attempts Another Power Grab

"Not content to simply divert precious health care dollars to fight land use battles, Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, has drafted his pet project, Prop. 10, to grant himself autocratic and extraordinary legal powers. Prop. 10, sponsored by AHF, includes a provision that allows cities to impose rent control policies. In [...]

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Colloquium in Political Science CLASS Features Debate on Prop. 10

"Activist Andrea Slater and author Steven Greenhut debated Proposition 10 and controversial rent control issues Wednesday afternoon during professor Alan Ross’s Colloquium in Political Science class, or Political Science 179. Prop. 10, which will appear on the Nov. 2018 ballot, would repeal the 1995 Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act that controls cities’ jurisdiction over rent control laws. Under [...]

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