“The challenges of providing affordable housing are most pronounced in large coastal cities, where healthy economies have pushed housing from the demand side. At the same time, political activism (NIMBY’s for Not in My Back Yard), has spurred development challenges and hurdles, such as excessive parking requirements, maximum height limits and development fees that are not prorated by unit size, so that only larger unaffordable units are provided in the non-subsidized private portion of the market. Traffic and congestion are always cited as reasons not to permit any development dense enough to be mainstream market affordable. Some of these same activists will be found protesting all new developments, as they do not seem to realize that as long as they continue to have kids and expand the population base, the housing problem will only get worse unless more density is allowed. Rather than point fingers at ourselves as the primary cause of the problem, some naïve voters are now supporting more rent controls in California. Be careful what you wish for.”

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