The so-called “Affordable Housing Act” (Initiative 17-0041) is anything but affordable housing.


  •  Will NOT increase funding for affordable housing.
  •  Will NOT force local communities to build the housing approved in their general plans.
  •  Will NOT provide any immediate relief for people facing higher housing costs.

Legal analysts warn the initiative includes several flaws, is vague and confusing, and could result in several unintended consequences that will actually make the cost of living higher for thousands of Californians. Specifically, the initiative:

  • Includes different definitions of “landlord” and “owner” that will lead to legal confusion across the state’s 482 cities and 58 counties and take years to work out in court.
  • Requires taxpayers to pay the proponents’ legal bills if homeowners, tenants or local voters challenge the law in court – even when they lose and spend millions on attorneys.
  • Encourages homeowners to convert properties to more profitable uses, like condos and short-term vacation rentals, which will reduce the amount of long-term housing available for renters, drive prices even higher and make the housing shortage much worse.

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