Dear AAGLA Members,
Below are excerpts from a September 12, 2017 Opinion piece in the Los Angeles Daily News:
The Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees last week slapped down member Scott Svonkin over fellow member Andra Hoffman’s allegation that Svonkin was bullying her.
In a Sept. 6 meeting, the trustees voted 6-1 to deliver a “stern warning” to Svonkin over what a motion by board President Sydney Kamlager-Dove called “aggressive, inappropriate behavior,” and said more such incidents would bring further discipline.
In July, Hoffman, who was elected to the board in 2015, said Svonkin, who was elected in 2011, had been “threatening, harassing and menacing” her in person and in writing. At a closed-door board meeting March 8, Hoffman said, then-president Svonkin yelled at her threateningly and said he’d kick her out of the room if she kept staring at him. During a break in a June 7 board meeting, she said, he leaned close to her and shouted at her about her votes, a display that prompted another district official to pull Svonkin away and a sheriff’s deputy to offer to escort Hoffman to her car.
This is unacceptable behavior by a man elected to set policy professionally for the nation’s largest community college district. The board is correct to publicly warn Svonkin, and he must demonstrate that he has taken its message to heart.* 
This is not the type of leadership we need on the Board of Equalization or from any Elected Official. In this era of the #MeToo Movement, women shouldn’t be subjected to this type of behavior.
I need to raise $2,000 to send out email messages to the universe of women voters who agree with me that this is inappropriate behavior and those who want to see more women in positions of power to change the culture of sexism and bullying.
You can help by calling and emailing this message to your family, friends, and colleagues.
With only 15 days left until the election, it is vital that I have your support. You deserve a board member that will fight for the rights of taxpayers and whose integrity cannot be compromised.

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Thank you for your consideration and support, 

Cheryl Turner

Candidate for Board of Equalization, 
3rd District