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Grand theft, housing, and owners who can’t vote with their feet

"A core selling point of federalism is that it enables those ill-treated by one government body to “vote with their feet” toward less abusive jurisdictions. That is a good reason for reserving some political policy determinations to the state rather than national government, or to local rather than state government. However, devolving political power to [...]

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Meet the Rising New Housing Movement That Wants to Create Homes for All

“Crossing the Frederick Douglass–Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge on a brisk spring morning in Rochester, New York, the first thing one sees is a small tent city scattered about the banks of the Genesee River. It’s a sprawl of black tarps, folding chairs, and a charcoal grill, all set up on private land. The property’s [...]

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Pasadenans won’t be able to vote on rent control this November, after all

"Local hopes to get a rent control measure on the November ballot were dashed Thursday when a Pasadena group announced it fell 2,112 signatures short of the 12,336 that would have been necessary to put the idea up for a citywide vote. Pasadena Fair and Equitable Housing Coalition had 180 days to collect signatures from 15 [...]

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California housing is such a surreal nightmare, even Kafka would find it Kafkaesque

To: Joe Mathews From: Franz Kafka "I keep hearing Californians calling your state’s housing crisis Kafkaesque. You are far too kind. I never imagined a nightmare this cruel, absurd, and surreal. I don’t know how I got to California. But I appeared here some weeks ago, in the form of an insect, like my protagonist [...]

Cheryl Turner for Board of Equalization 2018: 3rd District

Dear AAGLA Members, Below are excerpts from a September 12, 2017 Opinion piece in the Los Angeles Daily News: The Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees last week slapped down member Scott Svonkin over fellow member Andra Hoffman’s allegation that Svonkin was bullying her. In a Sept. 6 meeting, the trustees voted 6-1 to deliver [...]

Will The Costa Hawkins Repeal Pass?

"The potential Costa Hawkins repeal coming to the California ballot in November is causing a wave of concern throughout the industry, with many concerned that it will pass and impede investment and development in Los Angeles. The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles took a public stand against the measure, which is officially called the Affordable [...]

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Rent Control is Killing the Coasts

"A 2018 California initiative likely to make the November ballot called the “Affordable Housing Act” would expand state and local government power to control rent prices. 'In many cases rent control appears to be the most effective technique presently known to destroy a city — except for bombing,' Swedish economist Assar Lindbeck said. While the comparison is [...]

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Livable and the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles Enter into Marketing and Sponsorship Agreement

"The agreement makes available to Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles' 10,000 plus members Livable's renowned Utility Billing Platform providing tenant financial accountability for fair communal consumption, while at the same time promoting conservation." Click here to read the entire press release.

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