City of Los Angeles Rent Registry Mandatory for 2018

City of Los Angeles Rent Registry Mandatory for 2018

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You Must Register and Report Your Rents No Later Than February 28, 2018

Registration season for all multi-housing and properties subject to the Rent Stabilization Ordinance in the City of Los Angeles (RSO) began in January. This year, in addition to paying the annual registration fee, you must also provide the rent amount for every rental unit subject to the RSO.  The fee and registration information is now mandatory and is due no later than February 28, 2018. The Rent Registry is a two-page, double-sided form that is included in with your annual RSO/SCEP bill. Alternatively, you may complete the form via the online Rent Registry portal at The Rent Registry Portal uses the same login and password for landlords who pay their registration fees online using the Billing Portal at hcidla.billing.lacity. Once completed online, the Annual Statement of Registration (Certificate) is made available to download in the Billing Portal.  The RSO allows a landlord to pass-through 50% of the registration fee to the tenant in the month of August so long as your tenant received a 30-Day advance written notice.

To learn more about the new Rent Registry Program and your obligation to register your units in Los Angeles, visit or call (866) 557-RENT (7368).

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  1. Annonymous February 18, 2018 at 5:51 pm - Reply

    The requirement to include Rent amount is a violation of owners and tenant’s privacy rights. The information is also clearly a foundation for enforcing ‘vacancy control’ that, with the repeal of the Costa-Hawkins law threatened as a Proposition on the November 2018 ballot, would disallow bringing units to market rental rates when they become vacant — how much updating of a unit could you afford at 3%? For a $1000 a month Unit it would mean $30 a month (about the price of a new toilet seat) and $360 a year (about 1/3 the price to paint a one bedroom). Entering your current rents into this form is potential business suicide.

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