Proponents of a ballot initiative to repeal the City of Los Angeles waste hauling franchise known as recycLA need your help.  The proponents of this initiative are seeking signatures from City of Los Angeles registered voters to get the initiative onto the ballot and overturn the City’s egregious franchise waste hauling ordinance.  Disguised as a recycling program, many of our members have had price increases as much as 300% to 400% forced upon them while at the same time have experienced horrific service levels for their waste hauling.

Help to get this important initiative onto the ballot.  Your Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles has petitions at its offices.  Stop by today and sign the petition to overturn the City’s waste hauling franchise.  We are located at 621 South Westmoreland Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90005.  Take action today!

If you are interested in getting involved or making a contribution, you can read more about the ballot initiative at: