Governor Brown has recently extended an Executive Order he issued on October 18, 2017, which prohibits price gouging throughout the State of California in the aftermath of the recent wildfires.  This Order prohibits increasing rent by more than 10% over that charged on October 17, 2017, and applies to both existing tenants and to newly created tenancies during the time the Order is in effect.  The Order is currently scheduled to expire on April 18, 2018.  Violators could face both criminal and civil penalties.  In the event you have already increased rent by more than 10% or have plans to increase rent by more than 10% while the Order is in effect, AAGLA suggests you consult your attorney regarding whether the Order is applicable to you.

Additionally, please consider…

Thousands of local area residents have currently been displaced and many have lost their homes due to the severe nature of fires burning throughout Southern California.

Thankfully, housing providers have already stepped forward and have offered units with concessions in order to help assist victims of this ongoing tragedy.

We request our members who can support our neighbors please contact Amy Luoma, Housing Specialist County Consultant. She will let you know the different ways in which you can help support the Thomas Fire victims!

Amy Luoma
Housing Consultant
County Executive Office

The County and City of Ventura are hosting a Local Assistance Center (LAC), to assist those affected by the fire in locating housing and accessing other services and resources, including planning and other city/county agencies. For more information, visit the Ventura County Recovers website.