Item 11A Amendment to Regulation 3105

Item 11A Amendment to Regulation 3105

2017-12-07T23:29:48-07:00December 7th, 2017|Advocacy, Local Updates, Sacramento News, Santa Monica|

Members, we need your support!

The Santa Monica Rent Control Board has agendized an item for their 12/7 meeting – at 7 pm to discuss the ability of housing providers to pass through local assessments. The City of Santa Monica has long understood local assessments such as local school bonds are a public benefit that should be incurred by all in the City and have allowed housing providers to pass through these assessments.

You can read their planned discussion item and possible actions HERE!

This item was initiated by the Board at its November meeting. Current Board regulations allow owners to pass through to their tenants, as a surcharge on their monthly rent, two categories of assessments that appear on the owners’ annual property tax bill—direct assessments (local fees and taxes), and expenses related to voted indebtedness (local bonds). Commissioners maintain the bond-related surcharges have put a strain on renters and directed staff to draft a variety of proposed regulations, or amendments to existing regulations, to limit the increase in surcharges upon a property’s sale.

We highly encourage our members to write the RCB and request they not tamper with local assessment pass-throughs.

Preventing the ability to pass through these voter approved public benefits put future assessments at risk as housing providers will have an increasingly difficult time being able to support assessments that benefit all of Santa Monica as they will have to personally shoulder the financial burden. It is the fair and right thing for all Santa Monica to share the financial burden of selected assessments. Do not put future assessments at risk due to unfair policies.

Be there in person at 7pm to urge them to not put future assessments in jeopardy!
You can also write to the RCB:

RCB Board Contacts
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You can write to the Board at:
Rent Control Board,
1685 Main Street, Room 202,
Santa Monica, CA 90401.

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