Beginning in 2019, buildings are required to undergo energy and water efficiency audits, with retro-commissioning as needed to improve performance.

L.A.’s new law, the Existing Buildings Energy and Water Efficiency Ordinance (EBEWE), requires benchmarking building energy and water use, with some owners required to report data beginning this year, in 2017.

View the benchmarking compliance schedule here.

The LA City Council has officially extended the Ordinance reporting deadline for buildings 100,000 SF or greater to December 1, 2017, providing building owners with additional time to comply.

If you do not already have whole-building electricity, gas and water data for your propertyrequest your data by October 16th to allow for sufficient time for data upload and review ahead of the December 1, 2017 submittal deadline. 

If you already have 2016 whole-building electricity, gas, and water data in ESPM, you DO NOT need to request data from the utilities – you can proceed directly to register with the LA Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) and submit your Benchmarking Report.

To create the initial 2016 Benchmarking Report, the property owner or their designated representative must enter whole-building electricity, gas, and water data for calendar year 2016 into Energy Star Portfolio Manager, then submit the Benchmarking Report to the LADBS.

The City and the Utilities have partnered to create a comprehensive, step-by-step Benchmarking Guide to help you through the benchmarking and reporting process.

Service Provider Directory

Don’t have time to manage benchmarking and reporting your building?

Use the LA Energy & Water Efficiency resource Center’s  service provider directory. It connects you with experienced benchmarking providers who can help you.
You can also use their example RFP to speed up your selection process

The L.A. Energy & Water Efficiency Resource Center is funded by the LADWP to provide comprehensive resources to help covered buildings comply with the Existing Buildings Energy and Water Efficiency Ordinance. The Resource Center is powered by the L.A. Better Buildings Challenge, in partnership with the L.A. Department of Building and Safety, LADWP, SoCalGas, the L.A. Mayor’s Office, and USGBC L.A. Chapter.