County Report Released

County Report Released

As you may know, in May of this year the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors introduced a motion requesting for a report  back to analyze the private rental market and convene a Tenant Protections Working Group to provide recommendations as it relates to a host of tenant-landlord issues.

Revised May 16 Motion
The County has just released its report and you can read it HERE!

AAGLA staff is currently reviewing the document and will be working to ensure the voice of operators, owners and suppliers is present throughout this ongoing process. If you have any feedback please feel free to send comments and ideas to

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  1. Michael Weiss (Weiss Investments) September 30, 2017 at 9:39 pm - Reply

    I own apartments in County E. Los Angeles, 5949-55 Norrthside Drive, Los Angeles 90022, and in the City of Los Angeles. These are two different worlds.
    In Los Angeles City our rents are at least $200 higher per month than comparable one bedroom apartments in East Los Angeles.
    In East Los Angeles there is far less gentrification and many fewer tenants seeking rental units.
    The challenge is getting stable qualified tenants in a lower income area that has endemic gang issues. There is little incentive to evict tenants for the purpose of raising rents. I might add that We are not medium sized landlords and do ongoing rent surveys.

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