As many of you know, the Beverly Hills Council voted unanimously to proceed with the rent registry and allocated over $750,000 to establish an “interim” operating rent stabilization budget. This was done despite acknowledgment by the council that the process should have been conducted differently. The council chambers were standing room only with the vast majority of attendees in opposition to the harsh RSO.
Although the mediation meetings were discussed and a recap was presented, no action was taken as it relates to the concerns raised by housing providers. The allowable percent increase was not discussed beyond testimony, nor were further eviction restrictions or owner-occupied exemptions.
You can watch the meeting HERE!
AAGLA will continue to oppose the draconian measures imposed on housing providers and we will work to bring reason and fairness to the RSO. Although this is a step back, we are not done and owners must remain united. We will continue to ask for and present fact based solutions while opposing a large sweeping bureaucracy.
We thank every owner and representative that attended on Tuesday. We also thank the following individuals who have spent hours advocating on behalf of ownership throughout the mediation meetings:

Dr. Matthew Finerman

Frances Miller

Harvey Miller

Elia Weinbach

Earl Goldstein

James Killian

John Luca

Chuck Eberly

We will send further updates and action items in the coming weeks. Please do not hesitate to call AAGLA with any questions.