The City of Los Angeles will likely be introducing a motion asking the Fire department, City Attorney and the Department of Building and Safety to report to the City Council with recommendations on what changes to the fire code and building codes are needed to ensure all residential high rise buildings in the City have fire suppression and sprinkler systems installed.

As some of you may recall, earlier this year there were massive apartment fires in London and Honolulu. Tragically, a combined  86 people died from the fires.  These fires are terrible tragedies but they are not a normal occurrence.  In the United States, building fires are becoming less frequent and decreased by over 20% between 2005-2014. In the same period, fire related fatalities declined by over 11% while fires in high-rise buildings rarely spread outside of their room of origin which occurs in about 4% of cases. In 2015, a full 13% of fire related deaths were  associated with smoking and as of right now, in the City of Los Angeles, buildings under Rent Control are prohibited from converting a building to smoke free.

AAGLA is committed to the safety of our communities and devoted to the highest standards in the industry. We look forward to working closely with the Council on these issues and will be following this process and report closely. We encourage members who are interested in this subject to reach out to AAGLA for further information and involvement.