On Tuesday, August 22nd the LA City Council will reconsider its proposed linkage fee ordinance. AAGLA members will be in attendance to oppose the fee and we encourage any member who wants to attend to join us and push back on counterproductive policies.

Tuesday, August 22nd or 29th at 1:30 PM

Planning & Land Use Management Committee Hearing

Los Angeles, City Hall 3rd Floor Council Chamber

200 N. Spring St.

Los Angeles, CA 90012

It is not news that Los Angeles is in a desperate need of affordable housing. A recent National Study found Los Angeles needs to create 164k units by 2030, to keep the market where it is today. In reality, you need thousands more to start alleviating pressures. You need only to scroll through your local news feed any given day to find a collection of articles dedicated to yet another family falling victim to the housing crisis we are currently facing.

As you may recall,  AAGLA went to L.A. City Hall to stand in solidarity with industry  partners in opposition to the City’s Linkage Fee ordinance which affects Los Angeles’ development and property owners. AAGLA is opposing this measure because it will hinder new development created through private capital which ultimately will lead to less supply. Although AAGLA represents mostly operators, without more supply, local governments will continue to find ways to try to restrict operations due to mounting political pressures. AAGLA supports housing for all of Los Angeles and we will continue to encourage lawmakers to make it easier to build, not harder. Through new units, prices will come down. What we should be focusing on, instead of putting the burden of our housing crisis on the shoulders of property owners and developers, is on a collective solution by our entire public.

At AAGLA, we listen to our members and understand that this not our burden alone to carry. We will continue to advocate in favor of fairness and the collective support of our Los Angeles community to bring awareness and fight for a reasonable a viable solution to this housing crisis which affects millions.