Los Angeles City Council just reconvened after a summer recess. Councilmember Herb Wesson was re-elected as Council President and he has vowed to make housing his highest priority. The housing committee was shaken up slightly and now consists of Councilmembers, Gil Cedillo, Marqueece Harris-Dawson and Paul Krekorian. If you are member and have properties or live in the district, we hope you join us as we advocate for sensible housing solutions to the issues the City and the region is facing.

The Mayor of Los Angeles recently called for the State to look at “revisiting” elements of Costa-Hawkins in a interview recently done with ABC.  This should be of concern to members and AAGLA will work to advocate and educate for productive solutions to housing issues. Costa-Hawkins is a state law passed in 1995 to help ensure that the local housing market is not hampered by stringent price controls which have been found time and time again to be detrimental to society as a whole. It exempts new construction from local rent control laws to encourage the supply of housing, exempts single-family homes from any form of rent control and requires all local rent control laws to contain a “vacancy decontrol” provision to allow the rental price to adjust after a tenant moves out. Costa-Hawkins has been the common sense life line created to help Mom and Pop owners keep their businesses operating.  As a recently National Apartment Association Study highlighted, the the root cause of  rising rents is the complete lack of supply to meet demand. If a operator has a vacancy and there are five families looking, the housing provider can only take one.  We need to urge our leaders to create more housing and decrease the cost to do so.

We can expect the City Council to further review short term rental regulations, tenant harassment ordinances and eviction restrictions on non RSO properties. AAGLA has been undergoing vast changes in how we organize our members and mobilize around issues. We are better prepared than ever before to educate cities on the devastating effects of stifling bureaucracy as well as other misguided regulations, but we need your help.  If you want to be more involved on these issues and more, give AAGLA a call!