Huge thanks to all who attended the Community Public Meeting this past Saturday!
It was a good meeting but our mission is far from done.
We request our AAGLA members with housing in the Glendale area to please email the tow gentlemen from the City of Glendale who conducted the meeting.
They welcome written comments on the proposed ordinance.
Glendale City Attorney:  Michael Garcia
Glendale Housing Department:  Phil Lanzafame

Back in late 2016, the City of Glendale was exploring possibly implementing a new ordinance(s) intended to help mitigate the rapidly rising costs of rental housing in Glendale. The proposed ordinance(s) came about after the Glendale City Council and Glendale Housing Authority held a series of meetings to study and discuss the current status of housing affordability in Glendale and strategies to address the issue. While recognizing that this rent burden was part of a larger statewide and regional problem, rents continue to rise due to increasing demand for housing and a lack of supply in Glendale and the region.

On August 23, 2016, Council and the Housing Authority received a report outlining an 8 Point Strategy regarding potential action items to address housing affordability. In response, the Council, by motion, directed staff to undertake analyses and studies of these items beginning with consideration of new legislation that would: (a) require landlords to offer tenants a one-year lease at initial occupancy of a rental unit with the option of a second year term with a defined rent schedule for that second year; or (b) provide an incentive for landlords to offer a one-year lease with advance notice of more than 60 days for any rental increases. The intent of the amendments was to provide tenants stability in a volatile rental market and also to minimize displacement that could potentially be caused by significant and unexpected rental rate increases.

At that time, the proposal was being called “Rent To Lease”. Since then, the working title of the proposed ordinance has changed to “Right To Lease” to better reflect the intention of the ordinance in terms of providing tenants lease arrangements at occupancy.  Some other minor modifications have been made to the body of the ordinance as well.

The City ultimately decided Rent Control was not the best way forward on these important issues but put forth requests for further review on several subjects. During those meetings it was requested lease options be explored further by the Housing Division.

Please be aware that a draft of the ordinance, along with a Fact Sheet and a graph depicting the timeline outlined in the ordinance can be found for viewing at:

AAGLA members will be in attendance and contributing to the discussion to ensure there is input on how to best refine the ordinance. We hope to see you there to provide constructive feedback. We will also keep you abreast of further developments with this proposed ordinance.