Finally! A Path To Legalization.

After years of advocating for a process to legalize safe units that may not have been constructed with the proper permits, The City of Los Angeles approved an ordinance to legalize them.

You may recall, the City of Los Angeles was shutting down hundreds of perfectly habitable units because technically no permits were pulled for the construction. Although AAGLA is thrilled to finally have a path to legalization, we do believe the 55 year affordable covenant which accompanies the legalization will deter individuals from coming forward to legalize the units. This may also lead to providers converting the spaces to other purposes. Due to AAGLA’s request, a report back will be given in a year to discuss the progress of the program.

For all documents necessary to update your unit please visit: Unpermitted Dwelling Units (UDU)

To view the PDF in larger format, please click  HERE!