Questions about the Los Angeles’ new franchise waste hauling?
Although a lawsuit was brought forth in regards to the legality of Los Angeles’ new franchise waste program, we do not know what the courts will decide at this time.  Until a decision comes down, the franchise waste program is moving forward in the City.
We have received a lot of questions as it relates to the program and the website  will help answer most of those questions.
Customer Service
If you are having any problems with service, please call LA Sanitation. They will be the new point of contact for customer service at 1-800-773-2489. This is operated 24/7.
The transitions will be happening over a six month period with the first “zones” having already received notice of transition which starts July 1st. With this transition will come an appointment to do a site assessment of your property.
If you want to know when your property will be transitioning. You can view the MAP HERE! and click on your zone.
You can find the NEW RATES HERE! 
Please keep in mind, service now includes a black bin and blue bin. During your scheduled site assessment, there will be an opportunity to discuss the ability of placement.
If you have any questions about this information please never hesitate to call AAGLA.