Beverly Hills Update!

As you may know the of City Beverly Hills implemented a harsh rent control ordinance which was solidified by City council in late February.  Tenant rent increases are limited to a maximum of 3% annually and  requires a payment of a relocation fees to tenants with the issuance of a 60-day no-cause termination notice. Additionally, Council recently directed city staff to create a rental registry of all rental units in the city. The initial cost of the program was $250,000 but we know comparable programs can cost much more! There are better ways to achieve our shared goals.  The discussions have been ongoing and we need your involvement!

On Tuesday, June 13th at 7 PM  the Beverly  Hills City Council will have public meeting and

  1. Hear the recommendation from the Rent Stabilization Ad Hoc Committee in regards to the selection of a facilitator who will lead a dialogue between tenants and landlords.
  2. A report on the community outreach efforts including dates for upcoming workshops
  3. A report on the implementation of the amendments to rent stabilization ordinance including the rent registry form, online registration system and status on real estate expert services

We encourage members to be in attendance to urge the council to conduct the facilitated meetings as quickly as possible. We need to stick together and have to continue to let the Council know how these decisions are negatively effecting our ability to run our properties. We also need an efficient method to remove nuisances that affect the entire community. It is with information and reason we will restore fairness to the City.

We need to keep at it! Join Fred Sutton in Council Chambers! You can see the notification by clicking here.

Please remember, this is part of the council agenda and although the meeting starts at 7 PM the meeting could be later.