This Week:

The house of origin deadline is June 2nd. As it approaches, we are hopeful several problematic bills will die, or if they continue to move, they be fixed by amendments. As far as priorities go, we have been focused on the Ellis Act bills now that the attempted to repeal Costa-Hawkins is dead for the year. AB 982, by Assemblymember Bloom, was pulled from consideration. It would have been a difficult bill to get passed the Assembly Floor and we were prepared. Another narrower Ellis Act bill made it to the Assembly Floor. AB 423, by Assemblymember Bonta, would exempt SROs in Oakland from the Ellis Act. It was taken up on the Assembly Floor and only received 21 “aye” votes. A bill needs 41 votes in the Assembly to pass. This strong showing should help us in the future when other Ellis Act bills are introduced.

While the most problematic bills are being held from further consideration this year, there are still hundreds of bills moving through the process that we are watching. We also must be mindful that these bills we are killing are just dead for this year; they will be back next year along with a new batch of problematic bills. A lot of our focus these days is trying to educate the legislators on all measures. Until we build ourselves out of the housing shortage, landlords will continue to have a target on their backs. An overwhelming majority of the legislature will be here in Sacramento between 8 and 12 years. They need to know we have their backs, we are reasonable and want to help fix the housing crisis.
Most bills are currently in Senate or Assembly Appropriations Committee. We are watching many, including:
AB 62 (Wood D) Public housing: smoke-free policy.
AB 72 (Santiago D) Housing.
 AB 73 (Chiu D) Planning and zoning: housing sustainability districts.
AB 181 (Lackey R) Taxation: renters’ credit.
AB 199 (Chu D) Public works: private residential projects.
AB 448 (Daly D) Local governments: parcel taxes: notice.
AB 663 (Bloom D) Coastal resources: low- and moderate-income housing.
AB 686 (Santiago D) Housing discrimination: affirmatively further fair housing.
AB 943 (Santiago D) Land use regulations: local initiatives: voter approval.
AB 1086 (Daly D) Housing: regional housing needs.
AB 1088 (Eggman D) Multifamily residential housing: energy programs.
AB 1100 (Chen R) Taxation: homeowners’ exemption and renters’ credit.
AB 1239 (Holden D) Building standards: electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
AB 1322 (Bocanegra D) Property taxation: intercounty base year value transfers.
AB 1397 (Low D) Local planning: housing element: inventory of land for residential development. AB 1568 (Bloom D) Enhanced infrastructure financing districts.
AB 1598 (Mullin D) Affordable housing authorities.
SB 2 (Atkins D) Building Homes and Jobs Act.
SB 3 (Beall D) Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018.
SB 35 (Wiener D) Planning and zoning: affordable housing: streamlined approval process.