This Week

Now that Costa-Hawkins has been shelved for the year, we have been focusing on the many other troubling bills for AAGLA. Two at the top of the list are AB 982 and AB 1505 both authored by Assemblymember Bloom. Yes, the same author that introduced AB 1506 to repeal Costa-Hawkins. It’s a troubling pattern. AB 982, which would require a one-year notice to utilize the Ellis Act, will be heard next week in the Assembly Housing Committee. Odds are it will pass out of committee, but barely. The real fight will be on the Assembly Floor and we have begun preparing for that battle. AB 1505, which allows local jurisdictions to mandate inclusionary housing, passed the Assembly Floor yesterday with 47 votes. While AAGLA remains opposed, other stakeholders have cut a deal to on amendments to remove their opposition. Your AAGLA lobbyists believe the bill remains a problem and is unfavorable to developing more housing units in California. This fight will likely go through the Senate and end up being decided by the Governor.

The next few major deadlines for the Capitol are approaching. May 26th is the last day for fiscal committees to hear bills that originated in their house. June 2nd is the House of origin deadline. For example, any Assembly Bill must pass the through Assembly Appropriations by May 26th or it is considered dead. Likewise, any Assembly Bill must pass the Assembly Floor and be sent to the Senate by June 2nd or it’s considered dead. The same goes for Senate Bills moving to the Assembly.

Here are some bills we are focused on as the deadline approaches:

AB 199 (Chu) – Would require prevailing wage, among other things, on all private residential projects.

AB 982 (Bloom) – Would require a one-year notice to utilize the Ellis Act.

SB 2 (Atkins) – Would impose a fee of $75 to be paid at the time of the recording of every real estate recording, not to exceed $225.

SB 3 (Beall) – Would authorize a $3,000,000,000 housing bond to be put on the ballet. Proceeds would be used to finance various existing housing programs, as well as infill infrastructure financing and affordable housing matching grant programs.

SB 35 (Wiener) – Would establish a ministerial approval process for developments that meet certain conditions.

SB 277 (Bradford) – Allows local jurisdictions to mandate inclusionary housing. Coming Soon… The Governor is due to release his May Revise Budget Proposal next week. We will be expecting an indication of his plans for addressing the housing crisis. Now that the transportation tax has been approved, the Assembly has indicated they want to prioritize housing issues.