This Week

The attempt to repeal Costa-Hawkins is dead. Due to the tsunami off opposition from mom and pop landlords, including the 2017 AAGLA Lobby Day in Sacramento, the attempt to repeal CostaHawkins by Asms. Bloom, Bonta, and Chiu has been pulled from consideration. The authors will not move forward with AB 1506 in 2017.

Prior to the announcement on Thursday, CalRHA and its affiliates swarmed the halls of the Capitol. The main message: repealing Costa-Hawkins is senseless and would make the housing crisis worse. Our message was received and we were delighted to receive the news from the author’s office the following day. Your AAGLA lobbyists took a moment to celebrate, but it’s back to work. There are still over 130 bills on housing this year. Many are problematic to the multifamily housing industry. We may have stopped a bill that could have bankrupted landlords, but we can’t lose focus on the rest that instead could be a death by a thousand papercuts.

The Governor wins again. This week the Capitol has been focused on whether Jerry Brown could muster the votes to get a new transportation tax. It was controversial and they were short several votes leading up to the Thursday vote. How did he pull it off? He cut a deal with two Central Valley Legislators and two Riverside County Legislators. Each region was given around $500 million in local projects. After the vote the Governor said it was money well spent.

There were other bad housing bills on our radar this week. We saw a couple pieces of legislation pass out of committees. The Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee passed out AB 423 (Bonta) which exempts residential hotels in Oakland, CA from the Ellis Act. It’s worth noting that the only Democrat to oppose the bill was Asm. Raul Bocanegra. AB 982 (Bloom) would extend the term for withdrawal of accommodations under Ellis Act to one year for all tenants. It has its first hearing on April 19th in the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee. We anticipate it passing through the committee. AB 1505 (Bloom) is one of the inclusionary housing bills introduced this year. It passed out of the Assembly Local Government Committee this week on a partisan vote. The sponsors are supposed to be providing us amendments to the bill. The other inclusionary housing bill, SB 277 (Bradford), is set for its first hearing in the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee on April 18th.