This Week

Sacramento News February 17, 2017

This Week

Today’s deadline for bill introductions has been a priority for everyone here in Sacramento. Legislators must decide what bills to author and the lobbyists get a new batch of bills to analyze every day. As of Thursday, there were 1750 bills introduced. The average year has roughly 2,500 bills that are introduced, so we expect 800 new bills to be introduced today. The timing of them being published online is often delayed when there are so many dropped in at one time. Your AAGLA lobbyists will read through them as they become public over the weekend and the last batch will likely be made public on Tuesday. We will analyze them all and create a list of bills that would affect AAGLA and its members.

Legislative Calendar

The first set of Senate and Assembly Committee Hearings will begin in March and last until the end of May. June tends to be all about the budget. By law, the Legislature must pass a balanced budget by June 15th, or they don’t get paid. Since this rule was implanted by the voters (Prop 25), the budget has always been passed on time. The second set of hearings begin after the budget is passed and last until the end of August.


Among the item discussed during the bi-weekly conference call was the seeming growing interest nationwide in rent control and inclusionary zoning. It was reported that several states are considering legislation imposing both the housing-hostile policies. All measures are being strongly opposed by respective state and local apartment associations. Next Week We are hopeful that we will have an initial list of bills that would affect AAGLA to share with their members.